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ALIFE 2021: International conference on artificial life ALIFE 2021

The ALIFE conferences are the major meetings of the artificial life research community since 1987. These scientific gatherings are supported by the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL).​

The 2021 Conference on Artificial Life ALIFE 2021 will take place in Prague (Czech Republic), 19-23 July, 2021.

The conference theme will be

Robots: The century past and the century ahead.

The world-wide used word “robot” comes from Czech. It was first used to depict a fictional humanoid in Czech writer Karel Čapek’s play R.U.R. Although the play is one hundred years old it opens many contemporary questions and many of them are related to artificial life research. It will be great to celebrate this centenary with artificial life community in the Czech Republic!

ALIFE 2021 will be a hybrid conference on artificial life. It will be a combination of a “live” in-person event in Prague with a “virtual” online component.

We hope to create opportunities for all people interested in artificial life to attend our ALIFE 2021 conference. We are looking forward to the return to the traditional conference enabling social gathering. On the other side, hybrid format will enable remote participation by people who might be unable to attend physically due to travel, through a wish to reduce the carbon footprint of the event or because of other constraints. 

COVID Community Action Summit

Empowering global communities to end COVID through shared expertise, resources, and actions.

The COVID Community Action Summit (C-CAS) will empower global communities to end COVID-19 through shared expertise, resources, and actions. C-CAS will be held virtually January 26-28 and is free to attend. This international summit will inspire individuals and communities to act while providing the tools and expertise necessary for success. Participants will learn best practices from localities and organizations that have successfully contained COVID. Sessions will provide guidance on combating misinformation, addressing the social determinants of health and supporting patients, including the long-COVID community. By the end of the summit, participants will understand the different ways to support communities, build community alliances and stop the spread of COVID-19. 

NERCCS 2021: Fourth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems

NERCCS 2021: The Fourth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems will follow the success of the previous NERCCS conferences to promote the emerging venue of interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers in the Northeast U.S. region (and beyond) to share their research outcomes through presentations and online publications, network with their peers, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration and the growth of the research community.

NERCCS will particularly focus on facilitating the professional growth of early career faculty, postdocs, and students in the region who will likely play a leading role in the field of complex systems science and engineering in the coming years.

The 2021 conference will be held fully online via Zoom.

More at:

Conference on Complex Systems 2020 – online

We are looking up to a very exciting Conference.
There are 20 world-class famous plenary/invited speakers.
There are over 325 accepted presentations, in oral, lightning, and poster presentations.
Over 55 countries are represented, more than any previous CCS meeting.

A round table discussion on COVID-19 is currently being planned with well-known participants.
Representatives from Journals of the European Physical Society and Complexity
will present information to all prospective authors.

On Friday December 4, a very exciting session is planned for young researchers,
with tutorials, didactic presentations, contests, puzzles, etc. etc All registered participants
in CCS2020 may attend !

More at: : Making connections- brains and other complex systems

We’re delighted to announce the start of a new, online seminar series ‘Making connections- brains and other complex systems’, which is not specifically a CNN activity but we believe will be of interest to many on this list.

The series will cover brain networks and other complex systems, and aims to bring together researchers from a range of fields, including systems neuroscience, psychiatry, genomics, computer science, machine learning and physics.

We are starting off with a fantastic line up of speakers particularly focused on the brain- see the schedule below. Talks will be held at 3pm online on alternate Tuesdays, and titles/abstracts and a link to the meeting will be circulated nearer the time.

Tues 17th November 2020- Dr Conor Liston
Tues 1st December 2020- Prof Dani Bassett
Tues 15th December 2020- Dr Aaron Alexander-Bloch
Tues 12th January 2021- Prof Olaf Sporns

You can also sign up to the seminar series here: