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Biodiversity @Nature

The tremendous diversity of life on Earth — a result of more than three billion years of evolutionary history — is facing an uncertain future. This Insight looks at how this biodiversity came to be, how it supports the goods and ecosystem services on which we depend and how it is being put to the test by the rapidly expanding human population. Crucially, strategies to safeguard this diversity are explored.

Source: www.nature.com

Invasive predators and global biodiversity loss

Invasive mammalian predators are arguably the most damaging group of alien animal species for global biodiversity. Thirty species of invasive predator are implicated in the extinction or endangerment of 738 vertebrate species—collectively contributing to 58% of all bird, mammal, and reptile extinctions. Cats, rodents, dogs, and pigs have the most pervasive impacts, and endemic island faunas are most vulnerable to invasive predators. That most impacted species are insular indicates that management of invasive predators on islands should be a global conservation priority. Understanding and mitigating the impact of invasive mammalian predators is essential for reducing the rate of global biodiversity loss.

Source: www.pnas.org