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Complexity Explorables | I herd you!

This explorable illustrates the mechanism of herd immunity. When an infectious disease spreads in a population, an individual can be protected by a vaccine that delivers immunity. But there’s a greater good. Immunization not only projects the individual directly. The immunized person will also never transmit the disease to others, effectively reducing the likelihood that the disease can proliferate in the population. Because of this, a disease can be eradicated even if not the entire population is immunized. This population wide effect is known as herd immunity.


Boolean Networks and Their Applications in Science and Engineering, Special Issue in Complexity

In the last decades, Boolean networks (BNs) have emerged as an effective mathematical tool to model not only computational processes, but also several phenomena from science and engineering. For this reason, the development of the theory of such models has become a compelling need that has attracted the interest of many research groups in applied mathematics in recent years. Dynamics of BNs are traditionally associated with complexity, since they are composed of many identical elemental units whose behavior is relatively simple in comparison with the behavior of the entire system.


Submission Deadline Friday, 28 December 2018

Publication Date May 2019


CSS Junior Scientific Awards 2018

The CSS promotes the Junior Scientific Award to recognize the excellence in the scientific career of young CSS members. It will be awarded once a year to a maximum of two young researchers (up to ten years after PhD completion) who have achieved outstanding results in complexity science in any of the areas representative of the CSS.


ICCS 2018 T-Shirt Design Contest

The ICCS Executive Committee invites you to submit an original design to be featured on the official conference t-shirts. The design should incorporate complex systems ideas or concepts. Designs should be submitted by June 10, 2018. The ICCS Executive Committee will select the winner and announce their decision on June 20, 2018.

The winning contestant will receive two free t-shirts printed with their design, public recognition of their achievement, and the choice of (a) two free tickets to the Sunset Cruise on Saturday, July 21st, or (b) one free ticket to the Banquet on Wednesday, July 25th.