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Network Theory Faculty position at UC Davis

The University of California, Davis invites applications for a faculty position in network theory, which is an interdisciplinary academic field using graph theory, statistical mechanics, and applied mathematics to elucidate the mathematical foundations underlying the organization and function of networks across a wide range of applied disciplines. The appointment will be at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, with opportunity for a more senior level appointment for an exceptional candidate, with an intended start date of Fall 2018. The appointment will reside in the Department of Computer Science or the Department of Physics, with the ideal candidate qualified to hold a joint appointment based in both departments. To ensure full consideration, applications must be submitted by December 15th, 2017.


Jobs: SFI Program Postdoc, Neural Network Models of Social Organizations | Santa Fe Institute

SFI seeks a program postdoc to play a key role in a project using modern information theory and numerical optimization techniques to analyze social organizations, ranging from modern firms to military organizations to complex chiefdoms to primary states. 
The starting point for the project is to identify the “organization” of a social group as the communication network(s) within that group. To begin we will adopt a group-selection perspective, assuming that the social group’s network structure is (approximately) optimal, given the information-processing limitations of the agents within the social group, and the exogenous welfare function of the overall group. We intend to leverage the computational power of neural networks to solve such problems. An expanded description of this project can be found at

This project, led by the Santa Fe Institute, is collaboration among archaeologists, economists, and computer scientists. The ideal starting date is the spring of 2018, though that is flexible. The position would last for two years, with possible extensions. 


Open research position at ISTC in collaboration with the LABSS

A post-doctoral position is now opening at the ISTC-CNR, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation (LABSS). The position is promoted in memory of Rosaria Conte, Research Director and founder of the LABSS, to foster research following the directions that Rosaria contributed to develop, especially in the field of social and cognitive dynamics. The fellowship is intended as a way to continue developing Rosaria Conte’s work and ideas, reflecting her many inter-disciplinary interests alongside her commitment and enthusiasm for mentoring younger researchers.


Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems

Understanding complex networked systems is key to solving some of the most vexing problems confronting humankind, from discovering how dynamic brain connections give rise to thoughts and behaviors, to detecting and preventing the spread of misinformation or unhealthy behaviors across a population. Graduate training, however, typically occurs in one of two dimensions: experimental and observational methods in a specific area such as biology and sociology, or in general methodologies such as machine learning and data science.

With more and more students seeking to gain sufficient expertise in mathematical and computational methods on top of domain-specific laboratory and social analysis methodologies, a greater demand for more efficient training is emerging. This National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award to Indiana University will address this growing need with an integrated dual PhD program that trains students to be “bidisciplinary” in Complex Networks and Systems (CNS) and another discipline of their choosing from the natural and social sciences. It will seamlessly integrate traditional education with interdisciplinary hands-on research in a culture of academic and human diversity.


Applications Due December 1


Call for Postdoctoral position in Data Science at Central European University

The Intellectual Theme Initiative “Just data” at Central European University is looking for an exceptional candidate to fill one open postdoctoral position in data science, broadly defined.

The research will be conducted with the research group directed by Prof. Roberta Sinatra and Prof. Michael Szell, with unique opportunities for collaborations with other excellent faculty at Central European University. The group currently focuses on quantitative projects at the boundary of computational social science and network science, including science of science, social dynamics, urban sustainability, data visualization, and fundamental questions in complex systems.

We welcome applicants with strong background in fields including statistical physics, applied mathematics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, social network analysis, complex systems, or other closely related fields. Our priority is to attract technically strong researchers who are interested in asking bold, new questions with data. A stated passion in data analysis is a must; excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are essential. The applicant will conduct research using large data sets, and be involved in the development of interactive data visualization tools.