Systems At Play: The Self-Organising Symposium on Self-Organisation (SOSOSO). Brussels, Feb. 15-18 2023

The Center Leo Apostel for Transdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) organises its first international artscience conference: ‘Systems At Play: A Self-Organising Symposium on Self-Organisation’ taking place in Brussels from February 15th until 18th, 2023. 

The ‘Systems at Play’ symposium starts from the understanding that art and science are mutually beneficial means of perception and insight creation. It thus provides a transdisciplinary contact zone for artists and scientists to meet, exchange, think, share, take time, and, ultimately, play together.

Then, what shall we talk and play about? Well, it’s up to you where it ends up, but our starting points are the ideas of ‘emergence’, ‘self-organisation’, and ‘goal-directedness’.

As far as goals go, the symposium invites you to tackle creative challenges collectively. During the symposium, participating artists and scientists will together create ‘embodied models of emergence’ in the form of live games, scores, presentations, conversations or small algorithmic performances. We will offer inputs to this process in the form of presentations, talks and workshops during the day; as well as an evening programme of immersive and interactive performances and film screenings. 

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