Computational Methods for Identification and Modelling of Complex Biological Systems

Mathematical and computational models are key tools for understanding biological phenomena. In the last decades, scientific and technological advances have facilitated their evergrowing adoption in biologically oriented research. The strongly interdisciplinary character of these areas, in which biologists work along with researchers from physical sciences, engineering, and medicine, fosters the cross-fertilization between scientific fields. However, the large degree of structural and parametric uncertainty typically associated with biological processes makes it nontrivial to analyze them using techniques imported from fields in which these issues are less prevalent. Thus, there is a need for new methodological developments that fill this gap. The present special issue addresses this need by providing an overview of current open problems and presenting recent results regarding mathematical inference and modelling of biological systems.


Computational Methods for Identification and Modelling of Complex Biological Systems
Alejandro F. Villaverde, Carlo Cosentino, Attila Gábor, and Gábor Szederkényi

Volume 2019, Article ID 4951650, 3 pages