Swarm Robotics – Pushing the state of the art

Swarm robotics is the domain of robotics that deals with large groups of robots that coordinately and cooperatively accomplish a task.
Inspired by natural self-organising systems like ant colonies, fish schools or bird flocks, the goal of swarm robotics research is to deploy complex robotics systems that present robustness to faults, scalability to different group sizes, flexibility of the displayed behaviour and adaptivity to environmental changes.
The problems faced by swarm robotics concerns mainly the analysis of complex systems formed by a multitude of interacting units, the design of individual level rules leading to desired collective behaviours, and the application of the lessons learned in lab research to real-world domains. The workshop will discuss cutting-edge research in all these directions thanks to a great assembly of invited speakers, and will represent a unique place where to trace the future of this research field beyond the state of the art. 


Swarm Robotics – Pushing the State of the Art
October 25-26 2018
Rome, Italy

Source: laral.istc.cnr.it