“The Science of Success” Special Issue | Advances in Complex Systems

The increasing availability of digital data on human activities has led to the emergence of computational social science, a research field at the interface of computer science, mathematical modeling and social sciences. Among the concepts that have attracted much attention, we find "success". The premise of a science of success rests on observing that a difference exists between performance and success: Performance, representing the totality of objectively measurable achievements in a certain domain of activity, like the publication record of a scientist or the winning record of an athlete or a team, captures the actions of an individual entity. In contrast, success, captured by fame, celebrity, popularity, impact or visibility, is a collective measure, representing a community’s reaction to and acceptance of an individual entity’s performance. The link between these two measures, while is often taken for granted, is actually far from being understood and often controversial.


Roberta Sinatra and Renaud Lambiotte

Advances in Complex Systems Vol. 21, No. 03n04, 1802001 (2018) https://doi.org/10.1142/S0219525918020010

Source: www.worldscientific.com