Multidisciplinary Complex Systems Research: Report from an NSF Workshop (…)

The workshop was motivated by the observation that many processes in natural, engineered, and social contexts exhibit emergent collective behavior and are thus governed by complex systems. Because challenges in understanding, predicting, designing, and controlling complex systems are often common to many domains, a central objective of the workshop was to facilitate the exchange of ideas across different fields and circumvent disciplinary boundaries typical of many traditional scientific meetings. The workshop participants included experts in both theory and applications, as well as a selection of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from various domains. Because of the cross-disciplinary nature of the workshop, the participants themselves had the opportunity to become aware of the latest developments in fields related to, but different from, their own. The inclusion of early-career researchers will help promote the transfer of this expertise to The environment fostered discussions on the state of the art, potential issues, and most promising directions in multidisciplinary complex systems research.
This report includes outcomes of the workshop that can help inform the scientific community at large of the current status and challenges as well as future opportunities in multidisciplinary complex systems research as perceived by the participants of the workshop.


Multidisciplinary Complex Systems Research: Report from an NSF Workshop in May 2017,
Released May 2018, K.A. Gray and A.E. Motter (co-chairs).