Complex Systems for the Most Vulnerable, Satellite @CCS18

In recent years, research efforts addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations — from those with low incomes to children, women and other minorities — have started to draw the attention of the scientific community. Notable examples in this space are the Data for Development and Data For Refugees challenges, organized by Orange and TurkTelecom respectively. However, the gap between the academic world and the organizations that could use the proposed methods and insights for their programmatic purposes is still wide. This satellite workshop, organized by UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, aims at focusing the attention of the Complex System scientific community on the pressing issues that affect the most vulnerable. In addition, this will be a venue to showcase the most relevant theoretical and operational work in complex systems research — where the challenges of the most vulnerable are a core component.


Conference on Complex Systems CCS2018 Satellite Meeting
"Complex Systems for the Most Vulnerable"
Thessaloniki, 27 September 2018