Opinion Diffusion on Multilayer Social Networks

In this paper, to reveal the influence of multilayer network structure on opinion diffusion in social networks, we study an opinion dynamics model based on DeGroot model on multilayer networks. We find that if the influence matrix integrating the information of connectedness for each layer and correlation between layers is strongly connected and aperiodic, all agents’ opinions will reach a consensus. However, if there are stubborn agents in the networks, regular agents’ opinions will finally be confined to the convex combinations of the stubborn agents’. Specifically, if all stubborn agents hold the same opinion, even if the agents only exist on a certain layer, their opinions will diffuse to the entire multilayer networks. This paper not only characterizes the influence of multilayer network topology and agent attribute on opinion diffusion in a holistic way, but also demonstrates the importance of coupling agents which play an indispensable role in some social and economic situations.

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HAI-BO HU, CANG-HAI LI, and QING-YING MIAO, Advs. Complex Syst. 20, 1750015 (2017) [25 pages]

Source: www.worldscientific.com