Diffusion Dynamics and Optimal Coupling in Directed Multiplex Networks

We study the dynamics of diffusion processes acting on directed multiplex networks, i.e., coupled multilayer networks where at least one layer consists of a directed graph. We reveal that directed multiplex networks may exhibit a faster diffusion at an intermediate degree of coupling than when the two layers are fully coupled. We use three simple multiplex examples and a real-world topology to illustrate the characteristics of the directed dynamics that give rise to a regime in which an optimal coupling exists. Given the ubiquity of both directed and multilayer networks in nature, our results could have important implications for the dynamics of multilevel complex systems towards optimality.


Diffusion Dynamics and Optimal Coupling in Directed Multiplex Networks
Alejandro Tejedor, Anthony Longjas, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Tryphon Georgiou, Yamir Moreno

Source: arxiv.org