Binghamton University Job Posting: George J. Klir Endowed Professor Systems Science

The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University is seeking nominations and applications for the George J. Klir Endowed Professor in Systems Science position. This is a newly-created position made possible by a gift to honor the memory and work of the late George J. Klir, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Systems Science at Binghamton University.
The candidate should demonstrate leading academic fortitude in the fields inspired by Dr. Klir’s work including, but not limited to: complex systems; artificial intelligence; fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems; general systems concepts and theory; generalized information theory; probabilistic and possibilistic theory; soft computing; systems problem solving; uncertainty theory; and fields and disciplines that develop from this work. The position will carry the rank of full professor in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science.