There Is “Noise,” and Noise

What is noise? Common sense tells us it is a disturbance, an invasion of our perceptual space, a nuisance. But this is only part of a more complex story that the sciences and modern technologies might help us unravel. ‘Noise’ has a contextual meaning, but it also points at something ‘in nature’ (or in society)—and something that might also have a function and/or beneficial effects. In this article I show that what is categorized as ‘noise’ is there not necessarily to be removed or to be dispensed with, but to be used and taken advantage of.


There Is “Noise,” and Noise

Eleonora Montuschi

Perspectives on Science

March-April 2017, Vol. 25, No. 2, Pages: 204-225
Posted Online March 29, 2017.