Motter Group Postdoctoral Positions

The group has openings for postdoctoral researchers interested in dynamical aspects of complex network systems. The main topics of interest include: dynamics of ecological, chemical, and power-grid networks; applications of control theory and game theory to complex systems; missing information in biochemical and combustion reaction networks; cascades, synchronization, and consensus phenomena; implications of symmetry in network structure and dynamics; applications to sustainability, climate, and energy problems. Ideal candidates will be recent PhD’s in physics, applied mathematics, engineering, computer science, statistics, or related fields. One position is available immediately.  To apply, candidates should e-mail a CV and a brief research statement to Prof. Motter at . The CV should include a list of publications and contact information of at least two references who can provide recommendation letters. Deadline for applications: March 1, 2017.  For more information on the research in the group, please visit: