7th Recurrence Plot Symposium 2017

August 23-25, 2017

São Paulo, Brazil

The objective of this Seventh Recurrence Plot Symposium is to encourage the exchange of knowledge and new ideas among scientists working in scientific disciplines of time- and spatial-series analyses. Recurrence plots and their quantifications are general methods for visualizing and analyzing both linear and nonlinear time-series data. After 30 years we continue to witness ongoing technical developments related to recurrence plots in both theoretical and practical domains. Some of these include: linkage of recurrence plots to network theory, inferences regarding directional couplings, identification of various spatio-temporal chaotic patterns, realization of tetherings across multiple scales of emergence, etc. Applications of recurrence plots are ever-expanding into such areas like mathematics, neuroscience, physiology, psychology, weather and climate patterns, financial systems, and linguistics. This symposium will provide a unique forum to facilitate the correlation of recent theoretical developments in recurrence science with applications from various and diverse fields of inquiry. We welcome both theoretical and applied contributions that effectively implement recurrence plots, recurrence quantifications and their related methodologies.


Deadline abstract submission: April 3, 2017

Source: symposium.recurrence-plot.tk