Bits and Bricks: Future of Cities

Cities are undergoing a profound transformation: the convergence of digital information (bits) and physical environment (bricks). As virtual systems become spatialized – entering our world through the Internet of Things – no industry remains unaffected. From utilities to transportation, construction to environmental resilience, the 21st century condition presents new challenges… As well as new opportunities.
In May 2016, The MIT Senseable City Lab presented the 2016 Forum on the Future City: Bits and Bricks in partnership with Mahindra, the City of Boston and the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities. Major stakeholders in the development of cities gathered to propose innovative solutions in urban development and to discuss the challenges of the urban future in terms of higher sustainability, better use of resources and infrastructures, as well as improved equity and quality of life in cities.
In support of this initiative, the World Bank Group Open Learning Campus (OLC) has prepared a series of bite sized learning videos captured from the Bits and bricks conference organized by MIT and World Economic forum. On this page, you will find interesting and innovative information from experts in urban development and smart technologies.


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